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I launched this blog a little over a year ago and it has been quite the journey. I never expected to make 5 figures in my first year blogging, especially since I was only blogging part time.

Blogging is a small part of my growing entrepreneur life. I work a full-time job, which consumes most of my time. I also have other side hustles; I make signs and t-shirts as well as make money pinning on Pinterest.

I’m only able to work on my blog part time and I’m not able to work on it every day or even every week. I blog when I have time and I was still able to bring in over $10,000 from blogging.

While I’m not making a full-time income from blogging, I was able to make 5 figures in my first 12 months blogging.

I can see the potential to make even more over the next 12 months.

If you are new a blogger or you have been thinking about starting a blog, then this post is for you. I want to show you it is possible to make money blogging, even if you are a beginner.

From this post, you will see how I made over $10,000 in my first year blogging. So, you will be able to see that it is possible to make money blogging.

how I made over 10,000 my first year blogging.


To be honest with you, I’m not very comfortable with sharing my income. I’ve learned your income is personal, and not something you should share. So it feels very strange that I am writing a report about my income and sharing it with the world.

Despite how strange it feels, I feel it’s important to share how a beginner made money blogging in their first year.

Before I started blogging, I used to read other bloggers income reports. Many of them were were making over 5 figures a month. I would always see pins on Pinterest that said “How I made $10,000 a month blogging” or some ridiculous number.

I seriously doubted bloggers could make that much money until I followed them more closely.

I started to see their numbers weren’t ridiculous. They are just established bloggers who are making a ton of money from blogging.

So I wrote this post to show how a new blogger can make money blogging.

Now that 12 months have passed since I launched this blog, I thought I would share my journey on how I made $10,000 in my first year blogging.

How I made 10,000 my first year blogging


As I mentioned earlier, I make money online through various channels, but this report will only show the money I made directly from blogging.

Everything I am showing in my report is money I have actually received or spent since I started this blog.   


Total Income $10761.63


  • Courses – $76
  • Siteground  – 170.15 – I purchased a 3 year hosting Contract, my domain, and domain protection.
  • Tailwind – $74.88 – Tailwind normally costs $119.88/yr. I received referral credit which lowered my yearly cost.
  • Theme: $31

Total Expenses: $321.03


How to make money your first year blogging



Pinterest was the biggest thing I focused on when it came to my blog.

Pinterest has always been my main source of traffic.

Before I started blogging, I studied Pinterest for well over a year and learned how to make money from pinning on Pinterest.

I started a brand new Pinterest account and within one year, I was able to grow it from 0 to over 10,000 followers and over 6 million monthly viewers.

Things with Pinterest hasn’t always been smooth. I watched my monthly viewers go from over 6 Million and dropped down 2 Million. I am currently hovering around the 3.5 million monthly viewer mark. I know monthly viewers are not that important, but it is just a reminder that Pinterest has not been stable.

Ever since Pinterest went public, they have been all over the place with their updates. They keep introducing new features and then removing them weeks or months later.

Pinterest has also been randomly marking accounts as SPAM.

I know a ton of bloggers who were affected but luckily all of them were able to get their accounts re-instated. Thankfully it hasn’t happened to me but watching Pinterest over the last 3 months has opened up my eyes since I heavily rely on Pinterest.

If Pinterest just dies one day, my blog would take a serious hit.


I now know I cannot always rely on Pinterest to drive my traffic. So I’ve been focusing on SEO.

In case your don’t know what SEO is, it is search engine optimization.

SEO is the process of optimizing your website for organic traffic from search engines. Organic traffic is more stable and even converts better.

I recently purchased Debbie Gartner’s Easy On Page SEO and Easy Backlinks for SEO. It is the perfect introductory SEO book. SEO takes time to see the results, so I’m working on optimizing all my old posts.

I’m hopeful all of Debbie’s tips will pay off and time will certainly tell.

If you are looking for help on SEO, I highly recommend checking out Debbie Gartner’s Easy On Page SEO. Her was book was easy to follow and implement.


I have always tried to keep my expenses low while increasing my income. I didn’t want to invest in any courses because there was so much information out there for free. So, I did a lot of reading about blogging.

In the end, I should have invested more in blogging. If I did that, I wouldn’t have spent so much time trying to figure it out on my own.

Since I blog part time, I know I still have a lot to learn but most courses other bloggers highly recommend appear to be geared for those just starting out.

I now realize it’s important to invest money back into your blog if you want to be serious about growing your blog and making money blogging. Now I’m looking to invest in specific things to help maximize my blog.

So if you have a great resource that you absolutely love, leave a comment and let me know so I can check it out.



My main goal is to increase my traffic.

I want to apply to a different ad network, but I need to increase my traffic first. So, I’m aiming for over 25,000 sessions.


Another goal I have is to create at least one post every week.

Currently, I haven’t been consistent with posting new blog posts. I’m now working on a schedule so I can stay consistent with posting new blog posts.


As I mentioned earlier, I’m focusing on SEO.

My goal is to go through all my old posts and optimizing them for SEO. I know it will take time to see the results but I’m hopeful it will pay off so I can start seeing more organic traffic.


I haven’t put much effort in building my email list but surprisingly, I have 117 subscribers. I definitely want to work towards building a larger email list as well as a landing page, freebies, and newsletter.


After reviewing the last 12 months, I am very proud of this blog and everything I have accomplished to date. I never expected to make this much money in my first year blogging, especially since I blog part time.

There have been many ups and downs when it comes to blogging, but I never gave up. Blogging is hardwork and I have always kept pushing forward.

I can now see that all my efforts are paying off, literally.

So, If you are thinking about a starting a blog, there is no better time than the present.

I personally recommend that you start a blog with Siteground so you can customize your blog the way you would like. They have cost effective plans, so it will only cost a few dollars a month and their customer support has been amazing. They are always available to answer all my questions.

I really hope this inspired you to start your own blog and show you that it is possible to make money blogging, even as a beginner.

Leave a comment below and let me know me know where you are in your blogging journey and if you are making money blogging.

There you have it – that is how I made $10,000 in my first year blogging part time.

how I made 10,000 blogging as beginner

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  • Erica (The Prepping Wife)

    I love my blog, and there is so much more to it than just writing! I just launched an online course about it all, and to help others not make the same mistakes that I did. It is always a learning process, and I love that. My favorite phrase is “new stop learning.” I love reading income reports like this, because it is inspiring. It is absolutely possible to make great money being a blogger. I can’t see myself doing anything else now, because I love it so much! Thank you for sharing something so personal and inspiring others to keep working hard and pushing to be successful.


  • Scott J DeNicola

    I am typically skeptical of any numbers I read from people online when it comes to what they made blogging but kudos to you on the success. One year in and five figures is an achievement. We are one year in and not even close to that.


  • Lindsay Brown

    That is amazing, good for you! I started my blog around the same time and have not generated a single dollar from it lol Although that was my initial plan to have it make money I just cannot seem to nail down Pinterest and get those monthly views one needs to generate money. I will take your tips and suggestions into account and then maybe I can get something working for me too!


    • Kelly

      Keep working at it and you’ll get there. You should also look into incorporating affiliate marketing with your blog so you can start earning something.


  • Charmaine Daisley

    Thank you so much for sharing this post with such encouraging information. I have been a sporadic blogger for years but now I’m hoping to grow two new blogs to the stage of making an income from them. Like you did, I’m learning all I can from online research and facebook growth groups. I am working on consistency and have joined a few affiliate programs, but I’ve not really plugged them into my blogs as yet because my posting is sporadic at times. I think this post will give me the push to go at it harder as you’re not a blogger guru trying to peddle anything, you’re just sharing your experience as an ordinary blogger. Thanks so much!


    • Kelly

      Check out Tailwind! I always make sure Tailwind queue has pins scheduled to go out for the next 3 weeks out so I can keep the traffic coming when I don’t have much time to blog.


  • The Sunny Side Lifestyle Co.

    Thanks for sharing your tips on how you monetized your blog! Your reminder to focus on SEO is helpful; definitely something I need to work on.


  • Kara

    Thank you for sharing these tips. I’ve been blogging for awhile and I feel like I really need to step things up.


  • Thuy

    Thank you for sharing how to monetize a blog. I’m a beginner blogger and hearing about your growth and success inspires me to keep working hard to improve mine


  • Lyosha

    wow! very well done! Congrats! In just one year you made it grand! your tips are always exellent!


  • Snehal

    That’s awesome! I have never focussed so much on pinterest. I would have to checkout your pinterest posts. Thanks for sharing this dear! 🙂


  • Tracy C

    Wow! I’m impressed. I’d love to take a few courses, but really haven’t found the time. I need to do this because it probably would make life (and SEO) easier.


    • Kelly

      I completely agree, hard to find time. Let me know what courses you end up going with. I’m on the hunt for new ones.


  • Debra Roberts

    I need to keep this post handy and come back and really comb through it. That is a very impressive figure for year #1. I think I will make $1000. My first year ends in September. I was hoping for way more, but I’m just now getting this whole tangled blogging web figured out!


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