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How To Use Pinterest As A Blogger

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Pinterest is not just a place to share recipes and home decor, it’s place to share your blog posts. So many bloggers don’t know how to use Pinterest as a blogger.

They don’t realize Pinterest is a powerful platform that helps bloggers every single day to grow their traffic.

That’s because Pinterest is considered a search engine, not a social media platform. Millions of people use Pinterest every single month to search for ideas.

Pinterest is my biggest source of traffic and income.

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Before I started blogging, I learned how to make money by Pinning on Pinterest.

I started a brand new Pinterest account and was able to grow my Pinterest Account to have over 13K followers, 4M monthly viewers, and so much more! I absolutely love Pinterest! It has opened up many doors for me.

I’ve been studying Pinterest for 2 years and I have learned how Pinterest works and how to maximize everything it offers. There is so much more to Pinterest than what meets the eye.

Now that I started this blog, Pinterest drives over 75% of my traffic to my blog.

I’ve also learned that there are so many bloggers out there who are not using Pinterest or don’t know how to use it!

I hear this several times a week.

If you are embarrassed to ask what Pinterest is or you are not using Pinterest with your blog, then this post is for you!

I want to teach you How To Use Pinterest When You Are A Blogger

What is Pinterest?

Many people think Pinterest is a social platform.

Pinterest is actually a visual search engine. Over 250 million people use Pinterest every single month.

People use Pinterest to search for ideas, inspiration, information, and so much more. When a person searches for a topic on Pinterest, the search results will show images, which are called pins.

Pinterest Pins

Pins will have a URL. When you create your pins for your blog, your URL will be your blog post.

Pins will also have a description. The description usually describes the image and the URL it links back to.

When you see a Pin you like or want to save for later, you can save it to your boards.

Pinterest Boards

Boards are how you categorize and organize your pins. You should make boards for each of your topic. You can be very specific or very general with each of your boards.

For example, if you are a food blogger, you want to create several different boards related to food. You could make a board that is called “recipes” or you can be more specific and make boards called “Breakfast recipes, dessert recipes, easy dinner recipes, slower cooker recipes”.

You should also create a board specifically for your blog. This board should hold all the pins you create for your blog.

Pinterest Impact

According to Pinterest, “250 million people come to Pinterest every month to find new things to buy, make and do.”

Bloggers are always looking for people to read their blog. So every blogger should be making pins for their blog post and sharing it to Pinterest.

If bloggers share their pins to Pinterest, they are increasing their chances of being viewed by the 250 million people who are already on Pinterest searching for things.

How Do Bloggers Use Pinterest?

Bloggers are always looking to grow their blog and increase their page views. There are many ways a blogger can grow their blog, but one way to gain more traffic is through Pinterest.

Pinterest is a platform that people are already using to search for ideas so every blogger should be putting their content on Pinterest. There is a very high chance people are already on Pinterest searching for ideas related to your blog posts.

So after you write your blog post, you will want to design a Pinterest pin and add it to your blog post.

You will also want enable a social share plugin. This will make it extremely easy for your readers to share your blog post to Pinterest or to their social platform of choice.

Once your Blog post is published, you will want to promote your blog post on Pinterest. You can promote it by sharing the pin that you added to your blog post to Pinterest. You will want to add the pin to all the relevant Pinterest boards you created or belong to.

Don’t share the pins to all your boards at once. You will want to spread it out over time.

A great tool you can use to schedule your pins to your relevant Pinterest boards is Tailwind. Tailwind will let you schedule each pin to post at the day and time you specify so you can spread out your pins and not look spammy. If you don’t have Tailwind, you can get a free trial here so you can test it out.

Staying Active On Pinterest

There is so much more to Pinterest than just sharing your pins.

  1. You need to stay active
  2. You need to be consistent
  3. You need to make sure you are creating high quality pins

Check out my post How To Grow Your Pinterest Account if you want to learn how to maximize your Pinterest Profile

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a new blogger, an experienced blogger, or want to start a blog, you should absolutely be using Pinterest to promote your blog.

There are over 250 million people using Pinterest every month. So it is very possible there are people on Pinterest searching for the topic you are writing about. So you want to make sure you share your blog posts on Pinterest.

Pinterest is driving over 75% of my traffic to my blog and Pinterest could be doing the same thing for you.

Learn how to use Pinterest when you are a blogger #pinterest #pinteresttips #socialmedia #bloggingtips #blogger #KAinspired

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