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Heat Press or a Cricut Easy Press

Are you thinking about getting a Heat Press or a Cricut Easy Press but not sure which one to get? That’s exactly how I felt a few months ago. I have a Cricut read more

Cricut Reviews

What Is A Cricut Machine & What Can I Do With It?

The ultimate DIY tool for all your DIY needs #cricut #CricutExploreAir2 #diy #diytool #makeyourcrafts #signmaker #shirtmaker #personalizedgifts #giftideas #gift

Do you find yourself scrolling through Pinterest and admiring all the cool DIY crafts, projects, signs, shirts and wish you could make them but have no idea how to make those cuts? If you answered yes then you should look into getting yourself a Cricut Machine! Now you are probably asking yourself, What Is A Cricut Machine & What Can I Do With It?

I received a Cricut Explore Air 2 as a gift about a year ago and it has been the best DIY machine. I have been able to make so many different things with it. So many of my friends and coworkers had no idea what it was so I am sure there are even more people out there who don’t know what it is either. So I decided to put this post together. Since I have the Cricut Explore Air 2, I will be talking about this model but Cricut does have a few other models available.

What is a Cricut Machine?

A Cricut Explore Air 2  is a cutting machine. You can design an image on your computer and then print it out with the Cricut. You can print it on almost any material you want such as paper, vinyl, fabric, foam, faux leather, and so much more!

What Can I

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