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Heat Press or a Cricut Easy Press

Are you thinking about getting a Heat Press or a Cricut Easy Press but not sure which one to get? That’s exactly how I felt a few months ago. I have a Cricut read more


How to Increase Your Pinterest Followers

I’ve been using Pinterest for years. It has always been my go to when I need ideas or inspiration for DIY, crafts, outfits, gift ideas, life, and so much more. At the time, I had no idea the true power behind Pinterest.

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How To Find Keywords To Use With Pinterest

I absolutely love Pinterest. It is a powerful platform that gives me inspiration and creativity as well as drives thousands of users to my blog every month. I have had great success with using Pinterest and people are constantly reaching out to me and asking for help with their Pinterest Account. Many people want to learn how to use Pinterest for their business since there are over 250 Million monthly users on Pinterest!

So if you want to use Pinterest for your business in hopes to drive more traffic but not sure what to do, keep on reading because I want to help you. I am going to teach you how to increase your Pinterest engagement by using keywords. I have a true passion for Pinterest Marketing and I want to share my tips with you.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are ideas and topics that determine what your content is about. They are are word(s) or phrases that one uses when searching for something.

For example, when you search for something on Pinterest, the word(s) you type in the search bar are keywords. In order for your pins to appear in search results, you need to make sure you are using relevant keywords. You want to make sure you are using relevant keywords on your Pins, Blog posts, Pinterest account, etc. If you use the keywords people are searching for, then you will have a higher chance in appearing in their search results.

Why Are Keywords

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Elf On The Shelf Ideas


10 Boots You Need This Winter

10 Boots you need this winter #winter #winterboots #winterstyle #footwear #booties #snowboots #ankleboots #fashion #winterfashion #KAinspired

This past year has flown by. I can’t believe winter is right around the corner. The days are getting shorter and colder. The temperatures have been dropping where I live. There is no doubt winter is upon us. If you are still in need of some winter footwear, whether it be warm, stylish or both, check out these 10 boots you need this winter!


1 – These boots will keep you warm and stylish. Pair them with your favorite pair of jeans.

2 –  These boots may not be the warmest but they sure are stylish. 

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How To Make Money Blogging

When you are scrolling through Pinterest, do you ever see a Pin that says “How I Make [ X ] Amount Blogging Every Month“? Do you ever click on them and read it? I do – I love to read those posts! I find it fascinating that bloggers are making 5 or 6 figures a month from blogging. I never knew you could make money blogging. It’s definitely inspiring as well as intimidating but I don’t let it scare me and neither should you.

I’ve been a blogger now for about 6 months, but I still consider myself as a beginner. Starting a blog has been fun and exciting. It enables you to get creative, connect with others, and make money blogging. Starting a blog was way easier than I thought and now I am able to make money blogging! How awesome is that?

When I first thought of starting a blog, I went to Pinterest for help. Pinterest is my go to for almost everything. While researching how to start a blog, I ended up learning a way to make money from Pinning on Pinterest (no blog required). It sounded easier than starting a blog so I put the blog idea on hold for a whole year while I focused on making money from Pinning on Pinterest (You can learn more about that here). Once I made the plunge and created this blog, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get started. I was able to create a blog in no time.

If you have yet to start a blog, check out my post: How to start a blog. You can be up and running in no time.

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