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Do you feel like you are spending way too much money on cable?

Are you ready to cut the cable cord so you can save money?

That’s exactly what we did last week.

While we’ve been contemplating cutting cable for an extremely long time, we never brought ourselves to actually do it until now.

We were finally fed up with the high costs and unreliable cable service.

how to cut cable and watch tv

I personally don’t watch much TV. If I do, it’s usually to a binge a show. I rarely ever watched “live” TV as I hate commercials.

My husband watches more TV than I do, but he hates commercials as well. So he usually watches TV from the DVR or On Demand to avoid the commercials.

Since we rarely watch live TV, we should have cut the cable bill a long time. Except, there was one thing truly holding us back – NFL Football.

We are die hard Patriot Fans. Luckily, we found another option so we can still watch Football and our favorite shows (which I’ll explain later).

So now we have no reason why we should keep paying for the outrageous cable bill.


We’ve been tossing the idea of cutting cable for a long time. Over the last year we started to get more serious about cutting the cable cord so we explored other options.

We were sick of the expensive, outdated, and unreliable service.

Our cable provider just raised our bill (again) by $28.77 a month. That is an extra $345.24 a year! We rarely watch TV so this was already an outrageous monthly bill for us.

Once the bill was higher – it was a no brainer to get rid of cable. It just wasn’t worth it anymore. So we cut cable and only kept their internet.

Cable can get very expensive. For many families, cable is the most outrageous monthly bill.

Unfortunately not all cable companies are available where we live so we only have two options for cable. We had the better of the two companies, but the service was very outdated. If only we bought our house 5 minutes down the street, we could have had more options.

Now it feels freeing to know we won’t be spending a ridiculous amount on cable every month.

cut your cable bill without missing any shows


There are several ways you can cut cable and still watch your favorite shows and channels.

Use an antenna

You can purchase an antenna to get all the broadcast stations.

Depending on where you live, you could even get more channels for free. Before you go out and purchase an antenna, you can check your address to determine which stations you could receive.

Purchase a Subscription

Don’t go out and buy every single subscription that you can. Only get the ones you truly need. They will add up.

Amazon Prime Video

If you have Amazon Prime account then you have access to Amazon Prime Video. This allows you to stream movies and t.v. shows. We watch Amazon Prime Video via our Amazon Firestick.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime or a Fire Stick, I highly recommend that you look into it. I usually only order from Amazon and I love the 2 day (sometimes 1 day) delivery.


Netflix doesn’t stream any new tv shows from cable but you can usually find past seasons on there.

They also come out with their own shows, which have been pretty good.

We’ve had Netflix for years and the content gets updated often so we are always able to find something new to watch from movies to TV shows.


I’ve always heard great things about Hulu but we have yet to try it. We have a list of shows we are trying to get through and then we’ll try Hulu.

We are not sure if we will replace it with one of the current subscriptions or add it on. As I mentioned earlier, subscriptions add up so we are still trying to keep our monthly bills down.

Premium Channels

You can get your favorite premium channels through Amazon.

We have HBO and Showtime right now through Amazon. You can also get Starz. The best part, you can cancel anytime. Once we are done watching our current favorite shows, will cancel them.

If you don’t have HBO, Starz, or Showtime, check out there free trials.

Watch TV and Movies for Free by Streaming With an Amazon Firestick

The Amazon Firestick makes it so easy to stream on any tv.

You can watch many different apps on the Amazon Firestick, such as Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Showtime and so much more. It’s very easy to download apps onto your Amazon Firestick .

We’ve also downloaded the Kodi App so we can stream any TV show or movie. It’s free to download and we have been able to watch movies still in theaters.

Sometimes there is buffering or a bad copy of the movie/tv show. We can get Kodi to work great 90% of the time. Kodi says they are legal but use at your own risk.

How to cut cable and watch live sports

How to Watch Sports When You Cut the Cable Cord

I love, love, LOVE Football.

I grew watching and going to Patriot Games. So every Sunday in the fall, I’ll be watching my favorite football team.

This will be the first year we won’t have cable but I don’t expect that to disrupt watching games.

My phone carrier, Verizon, offers their customers the NFL Mobile app for free. So you can stream every NFL game of the season.

I’m planning on watching Football through the app on my phone and casting it to the tv. I’ll report back and let you know how it goes since Football starts next month.

If you don’t have Verizon and you love sports, there are other ways you can watch your favorite sports team when you cut the cable cord:

  • Hulu Live
  • Playstation Vue
  • Antenna
  • Sling TV


Cutting the cable has been so freeing. We are able to cut our monthly bills down and save more money. And the best part – we have a found a way to watch all of our favorite shows and sports team.

Our high cable bill drove us to the cut cable cord. What will it take for you to cut the cable bill?

Leave a comment below and let me know.


watch tv without paying for cable

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