How To Use Share Threads to Increase Traffic To Your Blog

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If you are new to blogging, you are probably looking for ways to increase traffic to your blog.

You’ve probably read the best way to get traffic to your blog is through SEO. The problem with SEO is that no matter how hard you work on it, it will take months to see the results.

So while you are working on SEO, you are probably looking for other ways to get traffic now.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to increase traffic to your blog is through Facebook Groups that focus on Share Threads.

how to use share threads to increase your traffic

What Are Share Threads?

Share threads are exactly how they sound.

You post your link to the share thread that you want to participate in. You will share all the others links in the thread and in return, everyone else will click on your link and share your blog post. There are many different types of share threads, so always read the rules before participating.

The ultimate goal of share threads is to increase traffic and share your content.

Share Threads exist in Facebook Groups that are geared to bloggers. These Share Threads guarantee you’ll receive traffic if you participate.

Share threads has rules that everyone must follow. Some examples of the rules are: stay on a page for X amount of time, reciprocate (no link dropping), write “done” when you are finished, like everyone’s comment, and so on.

These share threads only work if everyone participates.

Why Should You Join Facebook Blogging Groups?

Facebook Blogging Groups are great for learning tips and strategies, sharing your content, increasing traffic to your blog, and to connect with other bloggers.

Blogging is hard work. There is so much that goes into blogging that it can get overwhelming. So while you are working on building traffic to your blog, you can use Facebook Blogger Groups and Share Threads to meet and connect with other bloggers.

The biggest thing I got out of Facebook Blogger Groups is the connections I made with other bloggers.

I don’t know anyone in my personal life that blogs so it’s nice to build a community of people I can relate to in the blogging world. Meeting other bloggers has helped to ease some of the pain points that go into blogging.

If you are looking for a great group of bloggers who actually want to help each other and grow together, check out the Facebook Group Bloggers Growing Together .

Which Facebook Sharing Threads Should You Join?

If you are going to participate in Share Threads, make sure you find an honest group.

You only want to participate in threads that can help you grow, where others follow the rules, and reciprocate timely.

Don’t participate in every thread at once. Be selective as they can get very time consuming to complete.

There are many different types of share threads you can participate in but these are the ones I benefit most from:

  • Click Through Threads – Click through Threads are where you leave a link and ask for people to click through to something. You could leave a direct blog post link and ask for someone to click to a related post or you could leave a Pinterest URL and ask for everyone to click through to your blog.
  • Blog Post Comment Threads – Blog Post Comment Threads are where you leave a direct link to your blog post that you want others to comment on.
  • Share Threads -Share threads are where you leave a link that you want others to share. Your link could be a direct blog post, Pinterest Pin, Tweet, Facebook post, etc. Some Share Threads are specific to certain social media platforms.
  • Follow Threads – Follow Threads are where you leave a link to your social media profile that you want people to follow. It could be Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
  • Pinterest Repin Threads – Pinterest Repin Threads are where you leave a link to a pin you want others to Repin.

Before you join any Share Threads, make sure you read the rules. Many Share Threads require you to stay on someone’s link for a certain amount of time, as this can help your bounce rate.

How to use Share Threads to increase traffic to your blog

The Truth About Share Threads

Share Threads sounds like a simple way to get your content out there but you may have wondered if they are worth your time.

You may have heard other bloggers tell you to stay away from them because they do more harm than good.

I’ve participated in several different share threads and studied the results I’ve received from them because I wanted to know if they are worth my time.

After going through my stats, I’ve learned that many Share Threads are not effective. People will drop their links and not reciprocate. They don’t follow the rules and many admins don’t always monitor the group.

So I stopped wasting my time on groups that were not effective and I only focus on groups that I can benefit from.

If you take part in the right share threads, you will be able to increase your traffic.

How to Know Which Share Threads Are Good?

The key to finding success with shares threads is finding the right group. You only want to take part in share threads with other people who will reciprocate and follow the rules.

There are many different Facebook Blogger Groups out there. It may be difficult to know which share threads are good and which share threads are bad.

Facebook Group Bloggers Growing Together is a great group that is closely monitored. It has a zero tolerance for link droppers and rule breakers.

There are other great groups out there as well.

Here are some things you can look for to help you decide if it is a good share thread.

Join smaller threads: Don’t join Share Threads where 50+ people comment on. I’ve seen over 100 people participate in one thread and I see the same people commenting on several different threads. If the same people are commenting on several large share threads, I can almost guarantee they are just drop dropping links and not reciprocating.

Check your Stats: Check your Google Analytics regular to analyze how your blog is doing. Google Analytics provides a variety of useful data. If the share threads are not helping you grow, stop participating in them.

Rules: Read the thread rules and the group rules. You want to join share threads that are being monitored by admins because there is a higher rate of reciprocation.

how to use share threads to drive traffic to your blog

How To Use Share Threads to Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Share threads are a way to help get your content out there while you are growing your blog organically. They are also a great way to meet other bloggers.

So if you do decide to participate in share threads, don’t completely rely on them to drive your traffic.

You should still focus on SEO and growing your blog organically. Debbie Gartner’s Easy On Page SEO and Easy Backlinks for SEO are two great books that are easy to follow if you want to learn more about SEO and backlinks.

You can also use Pinterest to drive you traffic. I often blog about Pinterest tips and strategies. So check out my other posts if you need help with growing your Pinterest account.

If you are looking for a honest Facebook Group that offers share threads, check out Bloggers Growing Together.

How To Use Share Threads to Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Are Facebook Share Threads Worth your time?

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