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I launched this blog a little over a year ago and it has been quite the journey. I never expected to make 5 figures in my first year blogging, especially since I was only blogging part time.

Blogging is a small part of my growing entrepreneur life. I work a full-time job, which consumes most of my time. I also have other side hustles; I make signs and t-shirts as well as make money pinning on Pinterest.

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How To Make Money From Shopping Online

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If you have been researching how to make money online, then you probably have read a ton of different articles on how to do it. One of the ways you may have read is how to make money from shopping online with Ebates! This is probably the easiest way I am able to earn money online every month. I am able to make money from my normal habits. I literally do nothing different and I am able to make some extra money every month.

Now you are probably wondering HOW. So let me explain

This is the easiest way to make extra money without doing anything different. You can make money from your normal online shopping habits. Also, there is no cost to do this. Doesn’t this sound great? 

Ebates will you pay you to shop online. Since I am already do most of my shopping online, I think of Ebates as FREE money. They will pay you to shop! You literally can make money from shopping online.

If you are new to Ebates, click here to sign up for Ebates. When you spend $25 or more online, you will then receive a $10 cash welcome bonus.

What is EBATES?

Ebates is an online cash back company. They pay their members every time they shop online. Ebates will also give you coupons and help you to find the best deals. Ebates is free to use, there is no cost to join their program.

“Joining Ebates is always free – you’ll never pay them anything. You get Cash Back at over 1,800 stores every time you start your shopping trip at Ebates. There are no points to redeem, no forms to mail in and no fees. Stores pay Ebates a commission for sending you their way, and Ebates shares the commission with you as Cash Back.” –

It is so easy to sign up and you can start earning cash back right away for your online purchases.
Every quarter, Ebates will you either pay you via a check or Paypal.

How does Ebates work?

It is very easy to earn money from Ebates. All you need to do is install the Ebates Cash Back Button to your browser (it takes seconds to install). Go to, log in to your account, and scroll down to the bottom and look for Ebates Button near the bottom of the page. Once it is installed on your browser, you can go to any website the partners with Ebates (there are over 1800 stores). Once you are on the website you plan to shop at, you’ll receive a notification that asks you if you want to activate the Ebate Cash Back. Click activate and then you can do all your shopping as you normally would.

I went to and I got this notification on the website:


Before this feature was released, you would have to go to the Ebates website, log in to your account, search for your store, and then you would be redirected to the stores website so you could do your shopping there directly. When I first signed up with Ebates, there were so many times I would forget to go to Ebates first. I use to kick myself for missing out on the cashback. Now that I have this plugin on my browser, it is so much easier to earn money from shopping online.

Of course if you don’t want to install the plugin (I highly recommend that you should so you don’t ever forget to use Ebates) you can still do it the old way.  All you have to do is go to and log in to your account, search for the store you want to purchase from, click shop now, and you will be brought to the stores website. There are over 1800 stores that are partnered with Ebates (top stores are: Amazon, Ebay, Macy’s, Walmart, and Kohl’s). You can also download the Ebates app to your phone.

If you already shop online then this is an EASY way to make extra cash!

You literally get paid to shop online. It is such an easy way to make money. Again, there is no cost to join Ebates so don’t delay, sign up today!

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