How to Make Money Pinning On Pinterest

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This page may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn compensation when you click on the links at no additional cost to you.

Are you looking for a way to make some extra cash but don’t have time for a second job? Do you want to learn how to make money while you sleep? If you answered yes then this post is for YOU!

I’ve learned how to make money while I’m sleeping from pinning on Pinterest. Now I’m ready to explain to you how I do it. Keep on reading if you want a step by step guide with pictures on how you can make money from Pinning on Pinterest.

Want to know how to make money by pinning on Pinterest? Head over to my blog, and I'll teach you how you can earn money from pinning on Pinterest. #sidehustle #makemoney #pinning #pinterest #makemoneyonline

I use affiliate marketing to make money from pinning on Pinterest. 
Pinterest allows you to use affiliate links on your pins so you can earn money when someone clicks on your link and buys something. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money through promoting or referring a product or service to another. 

You might be using affiliate marketing in your everyday life without even realizing it. 

Here are some real life examples of Affiliate Marketing that you can relate to that will help you to understand what Affiliate marketing is:

1 – AirBnB: “Earn free Airbnb coupons! Get up to $95 for every friend you invite.

2 – Ebates – “Refer a friend. You’ll get $25. They’ll get $10” 

3 – Shutterfly: Refer a friend, and earn a reward

4 – Uber- Earn free rides by inviting friends to sign up with Uber promo code: aaronw9294ue

5 – Chase Credit card: Earn $100 for every friend you refer

In each of these examples, you will need to promote/refer a product or service to your friends and family. If they sign up or purchase through your referral link or your referral code, the company will pay you for the referral.  

Pinterest allows you to use affiliate links on your pins so when someone clicks on your pin and they buy something through your affiliate link, you can get paid for it. So many companies participate in affiliate marketing that any niche can use affiliate marketing.

2 Things to Remember Before You Get Started:

1 – TERMS:

Once you sign up with your affiliate platform, read their terms. You will find valuable information in the terms. 

There are some brands that do not allow you to post affiliate links on Pinterest directly. (This means that they require you to list the affiliate links in your blog). I’ve only come across two brands that don’t allow links on Pinterest so there are THOUSANDS out there that do allow it. 

Another reason to read you affiliate terms is to understand how they pay out. I have found some affiliate platforms that pay per click but most pay commission. The terms will also state the cookie window. I’ve noticed some brands have a short cookie window (24 hours) while others can have 30+ days.

2 – Disclose

Make sure you disclose that your link is an affiliate link.

This means that you need to inform your reader that the link is an affiliate link.  It’s easy to do this – you just need to add #ad or #affiliate or #affiliatelink to your Pin description. This is a requirement the FTC set in place. You can read more about it here.

Are you ready to learn the steps on how to create affiliate pins on Pinterest?

I will show you a step by step guide with pictures on how to add an affiliate pin to Pinterest.

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The pin I am creating is an affiliate pin for Tailwindapp.

Not sure what Tailwind is? Tailwind offers several different features but my favorite feature is their scheduling tool. 

I load up my queue and Tailwind will then post my Pinterest pins to my Pinterest account at the time and day I specify. This means I don’t need to spend time manually pinning. Life gets busy so I don’t always have time to pin but in order to get notice on Pinterest, you need to be consistent.

So Tailwind will post all my pins for me so I can stay consistent. If you don’t have a Tailwind account, I strongly suggest you get one. If you use this link here, you can get a free month so you can try it out.

If you don’t have Tailwind, I HIGHLY recommend that you sign up today.

Step 1: Create an image

You want to create an image and save it to your desktop.

It’s always best to take your own photos but if you can’t take your own photos, check with your affiliate program to see if you can use their images. Otherwise find photos that you can legally use for commercial purposes.

You want the image to be eye catching. When people are scrolling through Pinterest, you want your Pin to pop out at people and catch their eyes. You want people to click on your images. Remember when people click on your image and purchase something, you get paid.

I like to use Canva to create my pins. You can create an account with them for free.

Step 2: Click Create A Pin 

Go to your Pinterest account. In the top right corner, you will see a plus sign. Click the plus sign and then click ‘Create Pin’

Step 3:  Now you want to create the pin.

1 – Click ‘Click to Upload’ so you can upload your Image 

2 – Under Website: add your affiliate URL

3 – Under description: add your Pin description. Make sure you use keywords in your description that are related to that product. Use hashtags and don’t forget to disclose that this is an affiliate link.  If you need help with keywords, check out my post: How to find keywords to use with Pinterest 

4 – Click done


Step 4: Save it to relevant Pinterest Board


Step 5: Promote your Pin

You want to pin the Pin to all the boards that you own that this pin is relevant to.

Don’t Pin to all the boards at once.

I suggest that you spread it out so it doesn’t look spammy. If you have Tailwind, you can tell Tailwind to pin them X amount of times apart. Don’t have Tailwind? If you use this link here, you can get a free month for free so you can try it out.

You can create several pins with different images for the same affiliate link. I do this quite often and compare the results. This helps me to create high performing pins.

Not sure which Affiliate programs to use? Check out my blog post:  Affiliate Programs You Should Join Today


Don’t forget to Pin this article so you can reference is later. If you have further questions, please leave a comment or head over to my Facebook Group: Pinning for a Profit


Want to know how to make money by pinning on Pinterest? Head over to my blog, and I'll teach you how you can earn money from pinning on Pinterest. #sidehustle #makemoney #pinning #pinterest #makemoneyonline


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