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Cricut DIY Reviews

Heat Press or a Cricut Easy Press

Are you thinking about getting a Heat Press or a Cricut Easy Press but not sure which one to get? That’s exactly how I felt a few months ago. I have a Cricut read more


Simple DIY project with Mason Jars

I’m obsessed with adding farmhouse/rustic decor to my house. I blame it all on HGTV (cough cough: Fixer Upper). I know I’m not alone with this love. It is the hottest trend for home decor. Everyone is looking to bring the farmhouse/rustic decor to their houses. So here is an easy DIY project to help you bring that farmhouse/rustic decor to your home.

**This post includes affiliate

read more


DIY Wall Clock Transformation

Do you love the farmhouse look as much as I do?  It is easy to achieve the farmhouse look by adding a large clock on the wall.

Scrolling through Pinterest one day, I came across a picture of a dining read more


DIY Stairs Makeover – From Carpet to Hardwood Stairs

While we were waiting to close on our first home, we knew one of the first DIY projects we wanted to do was change the basements stairs. The basement stairs had very stained carpet. We wanted to change them from carpet to hardwood stairs.

This transformation turned out better than I pictuered. Beautifully stained hardwood stairs will truly transform your space and make it feel like a whole new house.