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My favorite tool to use with my Blog and Pinterest Account is Tailwind. Tailwind is an amazing platform that offers so many different features. Tailwind promotes my blog and pins for me every single day so I don’t have to manually do it myself.

Lets face it, life get’s busy. I don’t always have time to work on my blog, never mind promote it. So on those days where my schedule is jam-packed, I don’t have to worry about my blog because Tailwind will share my blog posts and pins to the world.

I always feel like I don’t have enough time so I heavily really on Tailwind. Tailwind allows me to put my blog and pinterest promotion on autopilot so I can focus on other things instead of manually pinning.

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Smart Scheduling

Tailwind has an amazing feature called the Smart Schedule.

Tailwind will suggest the most optimal times you should pin based off of the performance of your own account. You can easily add additional time slots if you would like. So your pins will be pinned to your Pinterest account on the days and times you specify.

In the screen shot above, you can see my Smart Schedule for Monday.

  • The ones that are green are the times Tailwind suggested that I have accepted.
  • The ones with the dotted green outline are Tailwinds suggestions that I have not accepted.
  • The ones that are outline green, red, and purple are the smart loop schedule. Each color represents a different category that I am looping.

All you have to do is load up your queue and Tailwind will pin on your behalf. How awesome is that?

Interval Function

When I am loading up my queue, I find that majority of my pins can be shared to different boards. I like to spread my content out over different days. So I use the interval function so I don’t end up pinning the same pin to different boards on the same day.

With the interval function, you can set the time between each pin. I also like to set the interval type to optimized but you have the option to set it to that, exact, or open time slots. When I use the interval feature, it will lock the pin to that date and time in my queue.

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If you have queued the same pin to go to different boards and you forgot to set the interval function, you can use the the shuffle feature.

The shuffle feature will shuffle all the pins (that are not locked) in your queue. This is an easy way to shuffle your queue.

Board Lists

This is another amazing feature!

Tailwind allows you to create a list that includes groups of boards that are similar.

My content can always be shared to multiple boards. So I created Board Lists so I can group together boards that are related. So when I am setting up my Tailwind queue, I am able to select my board list instead of selecting each board. I have so many boards that this little features helps to ensure I don’t forget to pin to a board.

Smart Loops

This is one of Tailwinds newer features and I’m absolutely loving it.

Tailwind makes it so easy to reschedule your best content so you can share it again.

You can create a loop and add your best pins to that loop. You select how often you want those pins shared, to which board, and how long you want the loop to run for. I love to use this feature for my seasonal content.


I love to use stats to analyze how well I am doing.

Unfortunately, Pinterest reports are not the greatest. They lag a few days and it isn’t always showing all the data I need. So I rarely look at Pinterest stats because Tailwinds offers all the stats I need to see how well I am doing.

The data Tailwind provides allows you to see your growth and weakness so you can see what works and what doesn’t work.

Tailwind’s analytics includes:

  • Repins
  • Pin impressions
  • Followers
  • Blog traffic
  • Board Insights


Tailwind has a feature called Tribes. Which is a way you can share your content with a group of people. You can join different tribes related to your niche.

Tailwind will also give you stats for each tribe you are in so you can see how well your pins are performing in each tribe.

Free Trial

If you are not using Tailwind, I strongly recommend that you look into it. It will save you so much time. Tailwind will promote your pins at the optimal times so you don’t need to worry about manually doing it.

Click here to start using the Tailwind App now! You can get a free trial where you can schedule your first 100 pins for free. So you can test out the platform to see how awesome it truly is.

If you do decide that you love Tailwind and you sign up through my link, you will also get $15 off when you upgrade to a paid account.

Final Notes

I’ve been using Tailwind for about 1.5 years now.

It has saved me so much time that I only use Pinterest for 1-2 hours A WEEK! I have seen amazing results from using Tailwind on a daily basis. I keep gaining more followers, repins, and impressions. This has allowed me to use my time towards other things related to my blog.

If you are not using Tailwind, I strongly recommend that you look into it. Click here to start using the Tailwind App now! If you decide you love Tailwind as much as I do, after your free trial, you will also get $15 off when you upgrade your account.

If you are already a Tailwind user, leave a comment and let me know what your favorite feature is.

How I set my pinterest on Autopilot with Taiwlind #pinterest #pinterestips #pinteresthacks #tailwind #tailwindtips #blog #bloggers #newblogger #bloggingtips #blogging #promoteyourblog

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