How To Find Keywords To Use With Pinterest

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I absolutely love Pinterest. It is a powerful platform that gives me inspiration and creativity as well as drives thousands of users to my blog every month. I have had great success with using Pinterest and people are constantly reaching out to me and asking for help with their Pinterest Account. Many people want to learn how to use Pinterest for their business since there are over 250 Million monthly users on Pinterest!

So if you want to use Pinterest for your business in hopes to drive more traffic but not sure what to do, keep on reading because I want to help you. I am going to teach you how to increase your Pinterest engagement by using keywords. I have a true passion for Pinterest Marketing and I want to share my tips with you.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are ideas and topics that determine what your content is about. They are are word(s) or phrases that one uses when searching for something.

For example, when you search for something on Pinterest, the word(s) you type in the search bar are keywords. In order for your pins to appear in search results, you need to make sure you are using relevant keywords. You want to make sure you are using relevant keywords on your Pins, Blog posts, Pinterest account, etc. If you use the keywords people are searching for, then you will have a higher chance in appearing in their search results.

Why Are Keywords Important?

Keywords are important because people use keywords when searching for a topic or an idea. You want to use the keywords or phrases that people are searching for in your content so you can show up in their search results. By showing up in their search results will increase your chances for your content to be viewed by them. If they like your content they’ll save it and share it with others.

Which Keywords Should You Use?

Sometimes it can be hard to know which keywords to use. So if you are not sure which keywords to use, then keep on reading as I am about to teach you how to find keywords to use with Pinterest.


There are two different methods I use to find keywords to use with Pinterest. You can even use these methods on finding keywords to use with your blog and other social platforms. I am going to explain both methods to you with step by step instructions with pictures.

The first method on how to find keywords to use with Pinterest

This is probably the easier of the 2 ways since it takes less steps but both ways are very easy.

Step 1: Go to Pinterest and type in a keyword related to the topic/niche that you need keywords for and click search.


Step 2: Once you type in your keyword and click search, below the search bar you will see a list of words in different colored boxes. THESE ARE KEYWORDS!

In the example above, I searched the keyword dinner. In those colored boxes below the search bar are other keywords related to dinner that people are searching for. So people are searching for healthy dinner, dinner recipes, easy dinner, dinner casseroles, etc. These are keywords you can use in your content if they are related to your topic.

How easy was that? So easy, right?

Now, let’s take it one step further and learn how to find the most searched keywords on Pinterest.

The second method on how to find keywords to use with Pinterest

First of all, you will need a Pinterest business account. If you already have one, great. If you don’t, it’s easy to get one. You can either create a new Pinterest account and set it up as a business account or you can convert your existing Pinterest account to a business account. Learn more about that here.

Step 1: On your Pinterest account, go to Ads and then select Overview

Step 2: Click Promote next to “Awareness Campaign”

Step 3: Enter a Campaign Name. I called mine “test.” You can leave the other fields blank but it will require that you enter a campaign name. Then select Continue

Step 4: Scroll down until you see the section that says Keywords


Step 5: Type in relevant word(s) that you need keywords for. For this example, I searched “Farmhouse.” You will now see relevant keywords related to “farmhouse.” You can type in any word or phrase and find relevant keyword(s). Pinterest will then tell you how often they appear in monthly searches.

In the example above, I searched the keyword farmhouse and found a list of relevant keywords that have been searched on Pinterest. Many have been searched over 5M+ a month! So if your topic is farmhouse, you want to include these keywords (if they are relevant) in your content.

This feature is amazing and it has taught me which relevant keywords are popular and which ones I should include in my Pins description, throughout my blog, and on other social platforms. This Pinterest Tip has helped me to grow my Pinterest account to over 4 Million monthly viewers and see consistent traffic to my blog.

You found which keywords to use so you are probably thinking, now what?

You need to include these keywords in your content.

You want to list these keywords in your Pin description as well as your board descriptions so when people are searching for a topic, it increases your chances on appearing in their search results. The more you appear, the more chances you have on getting traffic.

You can also add these keywords to your blog and other social platforms.

So there you go, a simple hack on how to find keywords to use with Pinterest. I hope you find this useful with building your Pinterest Acccount. Leave a comment below and let me know how this tool has worked for you.

Oh and one last thing…

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