How to Increase Your Pinterest Followers

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I’ve been using Pinterest for years. It has always been my go to when I need ideas or inspiration for DIY, crafts, outfits, gift ideas, life, and so much more. At the time, I had no idea the true power behind Pinterest.

Fast forward to today, I now use Pinterest not only for new ideas but I use Pinterest to make money and drive traffic to my blog. That’s right – I make money from Pinning on Pinterest.

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Pinterest isn’t considered a social media platform, it is a search engine. According to Pinterest, “250 million people come to Pinterest every month to find new things to buy, make and do.

If you want your content to be viewed by the 250 million people who already use Pinterest then you need to make sure you are sharing high-quality, engaging content.

What is high-quality, engaging content?

The pins you create as well as the pins you re-pin from others should have the following:

  • Valid URL links and leads to a website that is related to the image
  • The pin itself should be easy to read and understand
  • Eye Catching – when people are using Pinterest, they scroll fast. So you want to make sure you are sharing and creating content that will catch someones eye when they scroll through Pinterest
  • Vertical Images instead of square images

How Can Your Content Be Viewed By Others?

One way is through your followers. When you share your pins on Pinterest, it will be viewed by your followers. If your followers like the content you are sharing, they will click on it, save it for later, and even re-share it for others to see. If your pins are getting a lot of activity, Pinterest will show it to others more often.

How Can You Increase Your Pinterest Followers?


I started a brand new Pinterest account 1.5 years ago. I had no pins, no followers, and no boards. Today, I have almost 11,000 followers and over 5 million monthly viewers. I was able to gain these followers by being consistent.

How Can You Be Consistent?

You should Pin every single day.

Pinterest wants to know that you are an active Pinterest user. One way to show Pinterest that you are an active user is to pin every single day. Pinterest will more likely show your Pins and your Account to others if they know you are an active pinner.

So if you are someone that pins once a week or a few times a month, you need to up your game and start pinning every day. I know sometimes finding time is a problem but you should be able to find 60 seconds a day to grab your phone, open the Pinterest app, and re-pin content already on Pinterest. It can literally take seconds to save another pin already shared on Pinterest.

For the days you have more time, save more pins and create your own content.

If for some reason you don’t have the ability to pin everyday, there is an amazing company out there that can help; Tailwind. Tailwind pins to my Pinterest account every day so I don’t have to manually do it. All I have to do is log into Tailwind and schedule my pins. Tailwind will then post those pins to my account on the day and time I specify. I log into Tailwind at least once a week and load up my queue. I always have at least 2 weeks scheduled out.

By using Tailwind to schedule your pins, Pinterest will see that you are an active pinner. If you don’t have Tailwind, I highly recommend signing up today so you can save time from manually pinning. Click here to sign up with Tailwind today.

You have been consistent with pinning every day but your followers are not increasing. NOW WHAT?

If you are pinning every day and a few weeks go by and you are not seeing an increase in followers or any activity on your pins, then it’s time to figure out why. There could be a number of reasons why you are not seeing an increase in followers or activity to your Pinterest account, but the main reason may be the content you are sharing.

If you are creating your own pins, are you seeing any activity at all on your pins? Are there impressions, saves, or clicks? You can find these stats on your Pinterest pin.

  • Impressions: the number of times the pin is viewed
  • Clicks: the number of times someone clicks on the pin
  • Saves: the number of times someone saves the pin

Personally, I like to measure a pins success by the amount of clicks it receives. This means someone took the time to click on the image because they wanted to see where it went to. I want to create pins that people click on, especially if it leads them to my blog. This is how I use Pinterest to get traffic to my blog.

I also like to track how many times the pin is saved. This increases my chances of my pins getting viewed by more people and going viral.

I don’t focus much on impressions. All this means is how many times the pin was viewed on someones screen. If the pin is not being saved or clicked on, than impressions mean nothing.

So if you are not getting clicks or saves, you might want to evaluate the content of your pin/content.

How do you evaluate your content?

How popular is the topic of the pin?

If the topic is broader with a large following, it should be easier to get more clicks and saves.

If the topic is very specific and doesn’t have a huge following, it will be harder to reach your audience since not many people are interested and searching for that topic.

So regardless of what your topic or niche is, if you are not getting any activity, then you need to figure out why people are not engaging in your content. You should ask yourself the following:

Is the pin eye-catching? Is it easy to read and understand? Does it link to a related website? Is the website easy to read and understand?

Try creating different versions of the pin that has different images, colors, fonts, and words. Sometimes people are more drawn to one color over another. Try creating several different pins.

What you really want to do it is figure out what your audience likes so you can create pins that they will engage in.

When I create a blog post, I create several different pins for each post. I then like to keep track of each pin to see what gets activity. Sometimes some pins do better than others. So figure out what your audience likes and create more pins according to their taste.

Another Way To Increase Your Pinterest Followers

When it comes to Pinterest, I didn’t make my Pinterest account very specific and related to my niche. I actually made it pretty broad that covers a variety of topics. I make each board specific but if you look at all my boards at a whole, many are not related. But all boards can be related to my audience in one way or another.

I know, you probably read that your Pinterest account should be related to your Niche, and only your niche. I’ve heard and read that so many times from fellow bloggers and Pinterest users. I honestly don’t understand why many recommend this.

Think about it – if your target audience is DIY lovers, how are you going to find your audience? Most likely by sharing content related to DIY. If your activity and followers are not increasing after being consistent for a few weeks with sharing content related to DIY then you need to find another way to find your target audience.

Another way to find your target audience is by sharing content not related to your niche but it is content that your target audience is interested in.

Sounds confusing huh? Let me give you an example because it really isn’t confusing at all.

So back to the example of your target audience being DIY lovers. Well, DIY is a broad topic that millions of people are interested in. There are also millions of people already sharing and creating content related to DIY. You will need to focus on SEO and ranking high but sometimes that can take months. So you need to find another way to find your audience.

When you have an extremely popular niche or a very narrow niche, try sharing other content that your target audience is interested in. So your target audience is DIY lovers. Those DIY lovers are also interested in other topics such as easy dinner recipes. Try creating a board for easy dinner recipes and start saving high quality pins to that board. Someone else will be out there searching for easy dinner recipes and they find the pin you saved. They love the recipe so much that they go to your profile because they want to see what other dinner recipes you have. Then they see that you shared a DIY pin and they love your DIY pin. Since they love the categories you are pinning, they decide to follow you.

So now you just found a new follower for your DIY content by sharing a pin related to easy dinner recipes.

Think about it – people have a lot of hobbies and interest. I can’t tell you how many times I went to Pinterest to look for paint colors and the next thing I know I am looking at vacation ideas. It’s so easy to jump from one topic to another on Pinterest without even realizing it.

So when I pin on Pinterest, I always try to pin my niche as well as mix in other content that my target audience will also be interested in.

To Summarize

If you want more followers, you need to be consistent. Be consistent with pinning and be consistent with sharing high quality, engaging content. Nothing will happen overnight but if you give it time, you too will start to see an increase in your Pinterest followers. Of course having a lot of followers doesn’t necessarily mean success. The more followers you do have, the more chances you have on getting your content out there and viewed by others.

Trust me when I say you should be consistent. I started a brand new Pinterest account 1.5 years ago. I had no pins, no followers, and no boards. I have been consistent over the last 1.5 years and I now have almost 11,000 followers.

In the last 30 days, I was able to gain over 700 followers

  • On November 28, 2018 I had 9,971 followers
  • On December 28, 2019 I had followers 10,691

How I gained 700 Pinterest Followers in the last 30 days #pinterest #pinterestfollowers #pinteresttips #pinteresthelp #blogging #blogginghelp #bloggingtips #KAinspired

My monthly viewers is also increasing. Since I am an active Pinner, thanks to Tailwind for posting my pins, I am constantly getting notifications from Pinterest about the activity on my pins.

Now I am able to use Pinterest to gain traffic to my blog as well as find ideas and inspiration.

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Check out my post: How to Grow your Pinterest Account for other tips and tricks you should start doing today if you want to grow your Pinterest Account.

Comment below and let me know what you struggle with when it comes to Pinterest so I can help you with improving your Pinterest Account.

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