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How to Grow Your Pinterest Account

The number one question I get asked is how to grow your Pinterest Account. It seems that so many people want to learn how to gain more monthly viewers and more followers. I literally get asked this question several times a week because I currently read more


How to Make Money Pinning On Pinterest

Are you looking for a way to make some extra cash but don’t have time for a second job? Do you love to use Pinterest? If you answered yes then this post is for YOU!

I’ve learned how to make money from Pinning on Pinterest and I’m going to tell you how you can do it too. I’m going to teach you the basics so you can start earning money from Pinterest without a blog.

That’s right – you do not need a blog to make money from pinning on Pinterest. I’ve been doing this since 2017 and all the methods still work in 2019.


How To Find Pinterest Group Boards

How to find Pinterest Group Boards #pinterest #pinterestgroupboards #groupboards #pinteresthelp #pinterestips #KAinspired

Do you know how to find Pinterest Group Boards? Pinterest Group Boards are a great way to increase your engagement (such as followers and monthly viewers). Sometimes it is hard to find Pinterest Group Boards so keep on reading if you want to learn how to find Pinterest Group Boards. (Updated November 2, 2018)

What are Group Boards?

Pinterest allows users to organize images into personal collections known as boards. A group board is similar to a regular Pinterest Board. The only difference is that the creator can invite read more


Which Affiliate Platform Should You Start With?

A few weeks ago, I wrote some posts about affiliate marketing. In those posts you will find that I strongly recommend if you are first starting out with affiliate marketing, that you should start with Shop Style because they are PPC (pay-per-click) model. I thought it was a great platform for newbies. You get paid per quick while you figure out your niche, what people click on, and what people buy.

Well, I no longer recommend them to newbies who are just starting out. The Reason: Shop Style has made some recent changes on how they operate which can be seen as both, good and bad news.

Good news: Shop Style now operations on a CPA model, which means you will get paid per sale, not per click. This gives those who use Shop Style a chance to make even more money, since they’ll make commission for ever sale instead of getting paid a flat rate per click. ShopStyle is in the middle of transitioning over to this model so some people are still on the PPC model while others have switched over to the CPA model. Eventually everyone will be on the CPA model.

Bad news: ShopStyle is being very selective of who they will allow into this model/program. They want people who continuously post original content, which means they take their own photos and upload their own photos. They don’t want people who just repin other content and repin stock photos from websites to promote products. They also want you to be a blogger who is an active blogger. So you will need a website. They are reviewing profiles one by one and closing accounts who don’t fit their expectations. For any account they close, they are NOT paying out any money earned. This has caused a lot of people to be upset.

Due to all these changes, I no longer recommend newbies to start with ShopStyle, especially if they don’t have a blog. If you do have an established blog and actively post original content to your Pinterest Account, Blog, and Instagram, then a highly suggested that you apply to join their network. They are partnered with hundred of retailers so there is a great opportunity to make money.


So, you must be wondering which affiliate platform I recommend for anyone just starting out. Well, I stumbled across this platform a few weeks ago so I am still figuring it out but so far EVERYTHING has been great. The customer service is wonderful, their platform is easy to navigate, and they are partnered with hundred of brands. They mostly pay commission for every sale, but there are a few who retailers who pay per click. I personally like the pay per sale model because you have the potential to make more money.  The company I recommend is MagicLinks.

It is really easy to sign up with MagicLinks – so click here to sign up now. If you are signing up with just a Pinterest account (no blog), make sure you have 100 followers. Don’t have 100 followers? I can help with that as well.  I started a brand new Pinterest account May 2017 so I had ZERO followers. As of May 2018, I now have over 6,400 followers. So I am ready to help you on ways to increase your followers.

I will be writing a blog post soon but in the meantime, Check out my new Facebook group for tips on how to increase your followers and for other tips and strategies: Pinning for a Profit .



How To Make Money on Pinterest

How to make money on Pinterest. Learn how to use affiliate links on Pinterest to earn passive income! #makemoney #blogging #affiliatemarketing #passiveincome #incomeideas #income #moneytips #Pinterest #pinteresttips #bloggingtips #makemoneyonline #KAinspired


Do you have a Pinterest Account? If yes, you can make MONEY from Pinning on Pinterest (no blog required)! How awesome is that?!

I am going to be 100% honest and raw, making money online from Pinterest requires work, but it’s fun and you are your own boss. I’ve learned so much through this process. I know I didn’t do everything the right way or the easiest way, but I have learned from my mistakes and I’m ready to teach you everything I have learned. It is 100% possible that anyone can do this as long as they have a Business Pinterest Account and know what Affiliate Marketing is.

What is a Business Pinterest account?

A personal account and a business account are very similar but one main difference is a business account gives you access to Analytics. This means you can see stats and reports on your pins (how many times it appeared on Pinterest, how many times it has been saved, how many times people clicked on it, and so much more)!

It is easy to convert your existing Pinterest account to a business account. Click here. You will be brought to a Pinterest Help page that will walk you through the steps to convert your account. Don’t have a Pinterest account?You can create a new account.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money through promoting and/or selling a product or service. If you put the work in, you can earn a passive income which means you can earn money while you sleep!

Here is a list of some real life examples of Affiliate Marketing that you can relate to that will help you to understand what Affiliate marketing is:

AirBnB: “Earn free Airbnb coupons! Get up to $95 for every friend you invite.
Ebates – “Refer a friend. You’ll get $25. They’ll get $10” 

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Blogging Pinterest

Affiliate Programs You Should Join Today

Affiliate Marketing has become a key source of online income for thousands of bloggers but there are other ways you can use Affiliate Marketing with your social channels. It is a great way to make some extra cash that could potential lead to a full time income. I’ve been using Affiliate Marketing for over a year and half. There are so many different Affiliate Programs that you can join but I am going to outline the Affiliate Programs I recommend that you start using today!

My absolute favorite way to use Affiliate Marketing is directly with Pinterest. Many people don’t know that you can get paid to Pin on Pinterest. Did you know?

Yes! You read that correctly! You can get paid to Pin on Pinterest. When I first learned about this, I became obsessed. I was always on Pinterest looking for new ideas and some inspiration whether it was home projects, gift ideas, fashion, recipes, gift ideas, and so much more. So once I learned that you can actually make money from Pinning on Pinterest, I was determined to make it a reality. And I did. My only regret is not learning about it sooner.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, check out my other blog posts How to Make Money Pinning on Pinterest

I also use Affiliate Marketing on my other social platforms such as this blog and Facebook. If you are looking to start a blog and haven’t made the jump yet, I recommend that you do it today. I’ve been blogging for a few months now and it has been quite an exciting journey.  Learn how to start a blog here.  


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